How To Fasten Composite Decking

July 18, 2022

One of the major benefits of composite decking is that it is a DIY-friendly installation process, capable of being completed relatively quickly and easily without a high degree of specialized expertise. Composite decking can usually be fastened, installed and secured using common tools around the household (or those that can…

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Does Composite Decking Expand And Contract?

June 13, 2022

When building a deck, one of the many things to keep in mind is making allowances for the expansion and contraction of the decking material. This is no surprise when it comes to wood. Wood fibers were made to carry water, bulging when laden with moisture and shrinking as they…

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Can You Use Deck Screws On Composite Decking?

June 9, 2022

In the hands of a modern homeowner, outdoor spaces are often an extension and reflection of a home’s indoor space. Whether picking up on the interior palette, design cues or personal ethos, outdoor rooms have migrated toward materials that are adaptable, versatile and sustainable. Composite decking checks those boxes, allowing…

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Can You Mix Composite Decking With Wood?

May 11, 2022

Material choice for your deck — whether for a new build or a remodel — is a significant consideration that can impact many areas. These include: Appearance of the deck Cost of the deck Maintenance and upkeep needs Deck safety Environmental considerations In general, there are two main categories from…

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Can You Power Wash Composite Decking?

Maintaining your deck’s appearance is likely to be a high priority on your list, especially if you recently built one. Exposure to weather and the outdoor elements means that even lower-maintenance material such as composite decking will require occasional cleaning. One of the first questions that many deck owners ask…

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Composite vs. Wood Decking

June 16, 2021

If you’re planning to build a deck on your property, one of the first important decisions you’ll have to make is your decking material. The two main types of decking material are wood and composite, each of which offers different benefits. While wood decks cost less and offer that authentic…

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How to Decide What Color Deck Boards to Choose

Well-chosen deck colors do more than just make your deck look fantastic — they can transform your surroundings and complement the look of your house. Conversely, the wrong decking color or material can clash with its surroundings. Picking the best color for your deck requires you to consider several factors,…

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How to Install Decking on a Slope

Living on a slanted property often leads to this question: Can you build decking on a slope? While building a deck on a slope may require some extra planning, it can be done. In fact, you can easily build a stable deck on a slope on your own if you…

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How to Safely Remove Snow From Your Deck

How to Safely Remove Snow From Your Deck If you live in a colder climate, you’re likely used to dealing with snow on your property. When the weatherman predicts snow, start making preparations to keep your wood or composite deck protected. Properly built decks are extremely durable. A winter storm isn’t…

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Should You Repair or Replace Your Deck?

A deck provides a better quality of life in your backyard. You can host a family dinner, birthday party or barbecue in this outdoor living space. Furniture, plants and a grill can also enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal. Due to weather conditions and wear and tear, your wooden deck may…

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