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Composite wood decking is made from a variety of plastics, resins, acrylics, and recycled waste, has been around for several decades as the industry looked for ways to re-use all that plastic we produce each year – the stuff that’s packing our landfills beyond capacity.

These early attempts at developing a natural-looking and durable composite material produced less than stellar results. The end product didn’t look like real wood. It didn’t feel like real wood. It could become slick when wet, causing slips and falls. Product quality was all over the place, and the consumer wasn’t impressed.


That changed in 2010 when NewTechWood introduced UltraShield® to create the most natural, durable, eye-catching wood composite that’s low on maintenance, and high on eye appeal. NewTechWood, with UltraShield, looks like real wood, and it’s engineered to address the problems when real wood and real weather meet up around your home or commercial venue.

What IS UltraShield from NewTechWood?

It’s the advancement that actually makes engineered wood composite better than organic wood – engineered for excellence.

Our researchers conducted countless hours of field testing to create a wood composite that looks great, feels like the real deal, and delivers numerous advantages over pressure-treated (PT) lumber commonly used in deck construction.

UltraShield is unparalleled in strength, beauty, toughness, stability, and long-lasting good looks. In fact, NewTechWood with UltraShield composite decking is warranted for 25 years, with a five-year transferable warranty to a new owner – a great selling point if you plan to sell.

deck with hammock

Our decking, sidingcomposite floor tiles, and accessories resist scratching, staining, and fading – even under heavy, family use. It’ll stand up to chlorinated pool water without staining, and it’ll last for years in builds near salt water, which is always tough on natural wood.

UltraShield delivers the look and barefoot feel of real wood. No slick surfaces to create a slippery danger of falling. NewTechWood infuses UltraShield composite with wood fibers to create the look and feel of real wood. Get down for a closer look at the texture and eye appeal only UltraShield from NewTechWood delivers.

two girls on deck

Why UltraShield is just better.

It’s better because it’s a capped wood-plastic product wrapped in an advanced, premium shield encasing ALL four sides of the inner core.

This protective shield and core are fabricated together under high temperatures to bond, so UltraShield products don’t need adhesives or toxic chemicals that eventually work their way into your living environment. Each UltraShield product is engineered for long-term excellence, and a natural living experience for you, your family, and friends.

capped 360

Capping 360 degrees delivers complete protection – even in the grooved stock. No mold, no mildew, no allergens. Just easy maintenance that lasts for decades.

Another reason to choose NewTechWood? The core is created using high-density, recycled plastics and wood fibers that would, otherwise, crowd our already over-crowded landfills. Using recycled materials greatly shrinks your carbon footprint, while delivering the good looks and natural feel of wood-hued composite.

UltraShield is engineered to last – and that is backed up with a 25-year transferable limited warranty.


It’s Called UltraShield for Good Reasons:

  • Stains are not a problem. Go ahead. Spill red wine, ketchup, pool water, cooking oil, meat splatters from the grill. UltraShield will not stain. Just wipe it clean – like it was never there.
  • UltraShield won’t split, crack, or twist – even if you live in a rain forest! PT lumber is usually soft Southern pine infused with chemicals to protect the wood from the elements. However, PT lumber needs a lot of maintenance – yearly maintenance – to keep that attractive appearance.
  • Even then, over time, PT lumber is susceptible to rot, mold, splitting, cracking, and torqueing, that require expensive repairs.
  • UltraShield is engineered to prevent cracking and splitting, while eliminating the need for hours of maintenance when you could be relaxing on your eye-popping NewTechWood deck.
  • NewTechWood stands up longer to bright sun. It’s fade resistant, gradually developing a soft, stylish patina, just like real wood.
  • Over the decades, you can put away the stain brush and sealant roller. UltraShield is engineered to out-perform other composites, and natural wood, standing up to whatever nature and the family throw your way.

Before you install that extra outdoor living space, talk to a contractor about using NewTechWood with UltraShield.

You’ll be glad you made the UltraShield choice, the day your deck is installed, and after 25 years of easy, outdoor living. Guaranteed!

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