NewTechWood Composite Decks are Family-Friendly–Composite Decking

Composite desks gave you a comfort and relax zone for family

Are you looking for a deck that’s gorgeous and safe for your kids?

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NewTechWood has got you covered!

You got a new deck because you wanted the whole family to enjoy the great outdoor atmosphere at home. But kids are usually messy and often end up hurting themselves, especially when they play on an old, weak deck.

With our state-of-the-art composite decking and railing materials, you can relax without fearing for the kids or your deck.


Why Is NewTechWood Composite the Best Choice for Your Family Home?

There are so many types of decks in the market today. But what commonly gets people attracted to their choice of composite deck includes durability, alluring appeal, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.

Here’s why NewTechWood composite decking is family-friendly and loved by a lot of homeowners all around the world:

simple water cleaning is good for composite decks


1. Stain Resistance

If you have kids at home, then you know how chaotic they can be. Crumbs fall while they eat, drinks get knocked over, toys are left lying all over the house, and they draw on literally anything. With the right products, you can try to clean the stains off.

However, wood decks are not stain-resistant and tend to absorb liquids (jelly, grease or juice) quickly. These stains are usually very difficult to remove. PVC decks are also easily stained with bug spray and suntan lotion.

On the other hand, capped composite decking from NewTechWood is stain-resistant and can easily be cleaned with just warm water and soap. And even after cleaning it thousands of times, it’ll not lose its luster – it’ll still look new all through the years.

So you never have to worry about your kids or other guests spilling drinks on your deck.

composite decks and safety fencing on roof top kids playground


2. Safety at Its Best

Safety at home should always be your number one priority, especially if you have children. One of the best preventative methods is installing a composite deck.

Unlike other decking materials like wood – which wears down when exposed to weather or when used constantly – composite is tough and sturdy. It is not susceptible to rot, mold, and mildew which may flare up allergies in your home.

Minor damages such as splinters on your deck can be quite dangerous to you and your family. Our composite decking does not splinter so you don’t have to worry about such accidents.

Composite desks gave you a comfort and relax zone for family


And if your kids love playing on the deck, you might consider installing NewTechWood deck railings. They’ll not only enhance your deck’s safety but will also last a very long time. Additionally, they don’t use iron nails during installation. If driven wrongly, these nails can be very risky.


3. Beautiful Colors and Styles to Choose From

Although longevity and sturdiness are essential aspects of a deck to every family, we know you still want something visually attractive.

freedom to match backyard composite decking with partial railing


NewTechWood composite decking offers numerous of colors and patterns that add personality to your family outdoor living space. Whether you want a surface that highlights an intricate or textured pattern, NewTechWood has it.


Get Your Family-Friendly Composite Decking from NewTechWood

At NewTechWood, we know you love your family dearly. That’s why our products are durable, safe, and beautiful. Moreover, our top-of-the-line UltraShield technology ensures your deck doesn’t splinter, crack, fade, or stain.

freedom to match backyard composite decking with partial railing


When you constantly have kids around your home, you definitely need a deck that is easy to maintain. And NewTechWood capped composite decking, is that type of deck. Get yours today!

To know more about our awesome composite products, feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to hear from you.




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