Weather, Water and Wood: Composite Wins

wood-toned composite deck

Peruvian teak, or Spanish walnut add elegance and style to any outdoor construction project, from a backyard pool deck to a salt-water dock. The problem? Wood and water don’t get along well, and over time, wood needs constant maintenance, repair, and replacement – and that gets expensive and time-consuming.


composite decking in snowy weather


That’s why homeowners, today, are turning to high-quality wood-hued composites that win the war against weather and water.

Quality wood-toned composite looks like real wood, and feels like real wood when you walk barefoot across the new deck. And, it’s eco-friendly, composed of recycled high-density plastic and wood fibers, to create a composite that stands up to weather, and whisks away water without damaging the composite.

Pressure Treated (PT) Lumber
Pressure treated (PT) wood is, in fact, Southern pine – a softer wood that dents, scratches, and ultimately, gives in to heavy rains, snow drifts, or constant sunlight that causes this wood to twist and torque, splinter and crack – even with the best of care.

PT wood is, often, the least expensive option to install, but the maintenance takes time and money over the years, and eventually, that PT lumber is going to lose the weather war. Mother Nature doesn’t give up.

Natural Wood
Natural wood is beautiful to look at, but isn’t always the best choice for an outdoor build.

Why would you use a natural wood that wears over time in a salt water environment? Coastal builds need durable materials to stand up to the salt-air and the sea spray that corrodes even the most durable natural woods.

Exotic woods, like Brazilian ipe, can be budget busters, and finding replacement planking when you need to replace weather-worn boards can be a problem – a very expensive problem.

With care, these exotic woods will stand up to weather and water better than PT lumber, but natural woods of any kind still require heavy maintenance to keep the look you want. Natural woods simply can’t stand up to the elements the way wood composite can.


wood-toned composite deck


Wood-Toned Composite
Wood-toned composite blanking is often the best solution to exterior builds that will be exposed to rain, snow, sun, and harsh weather conditions down by the seashore or lakeside.

However, there are various grades of composite from inexpensive low-end to high-quality.

Low-cost wood composite has a fake-looking sheen to it. It lacks many of the features that better composites offer and, it becomes slick when used as pool decking or a beachside boat dock.

Look for higher grade composite with the features to stand up to weather, water – whatever nature throws your way.

Higher-grade composite should be fully clad in a strong-water-resistant casing – even the tongue and grooves. You won’t see this weather-resistant cladding, but you’ll enjoy its benefits for decades. Better grade composite is protected with a “skin” that resists staining from chlorinated pool water, or that harsh wear-and-tear of salt water.


anti-fungus, mold, and mildew


Mold and Mildew Protection?
One of the biggest problems with using PT lumber, or other natural wood, is mold and mildew that thrive in damp and wet environments. It starts as a small black spot under the deck, and grows silently until you’ve got an expensive repair on your hands.

When you purchase composite wood products for your outdoor builds, be sure to ask about mold and mildew inhibitors. Composite wood is engineered to prevent the growth of potentially dangerous molds and mildew that can spread illness among family and friends, cause allergies to flare up, and ultimately, require your deck to be rebuilt.

Composite woods also come in a variety of elegant wood hues that add eye appeal and unparalleled durability against water, or weather – no matter where you live.


decking matched with various colors


Choose from Peruvian Teak, Roman Antique, Westminster Gray, Spanish Walnut, Hawaiian Charcoal, or exotic Brazilian Ipe. Mix and match to create a personal design statement that you’ll share with pride for many years to come.

In the war of weather and wood, weather always wins over time. When planning your next exterior build, contact NewTechWood and we’ll show you the smart, exquisite choice for outside projects.

Wood composite: the solution you’ve been looking for.



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