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Wood composites are often an ideal choice for outdoor projects, whether in the backyard, or at the office, store, restaurant, or other commercial space. Wood composites, like any building material, come in a variety of qualities and price points. Choosing the cheapest isn’t always the smartest buying decision when it comes to investing in exterior improvements.

1. Don’t buy the cheapest product offering. The least expensive option is most likely to deliver the fewest benefits, like infused mold resistance or the use of recycled, high-density plastic.

Just like anything else, you get what you pay for when you choose composite wood, and in most cases, you want high quality. Why? Because whatever the job, you want to do it once and forget it.

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2. Look for eco-friendly wood composite. Some composites are made from newly-manufactured plastic that simply adds more waste down the line. Look for a wood composite that uses high-density recycled plastic to lower your carbon footprint. All NewTechWood products are engineered using quality recycled plastic and wood fiber.

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3. Save big bucks with simple installation. The two biggest costs you’ll encounter are the cost of materials and the cost of installation – labor.

If the plan is to do it yourself, you want a simple system that enables you to construct a deck, fence, walkway or other architectural feature quickly, and without the need for special tools. Simple installation for the home-improvement home owner.

If you use a contractor to install your build, that construction professional can complete your job faster, saving you money on construction costs. If you decide to use a contractor, find one who can (1) deliver a broad menu of options and, (2) can complete the build in a short time to save you money.

4. Look for customizable composite wood. Look for composite that can be cut, drilled – even routed to provide a professional looking edge. Some less-expensive composites limit your design options.

Choose a wood composite that can be shaped and molded to suit your imagination to create the perfect, professional look.

5. Look for a menu of options. Different hues of wood like teak, oak, and ipe can be combined to create a stunning look that’s all your own. NewTechWood offers a long list from which to choose to suit your unique taste and style.

What about a multi-level deck? What stairway options does the manufacturer offer? Can you buy hollow and solid core composite for different purposes?

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What about railings? Floor tiles? Home siding? Pool decking? Your project is a lot simpler when you can purchase all of your materials from a single supplier with a long list of design options.

6. Make sure your choice of wood composite comes with a really long warranty. Some lesser-grade composites have limited, short-term warranties against scratching, denting, or otherwise deteriorating. Seriously, if you’re adding a deck, do you want to go through the process again in 10 years? Of course not.

NewTechWood composite comes with a 25-year warranty, transferable to a new owner within the first five years after the installation. That makes a sweet selling point when you put your house on the market.

A composite with a 10-year warranty probably won’t stand up to wear and tear for as long as a composite with a 25-year guarantee, and do you really want to replace a pressure-treated lumber deck sometime in the future?

Why would you?

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7. Re-side your home with composite wood. Aluminum siding dents and scratches, and even the best vinyl siding looks fake – even from the road.

Composite wood is the ideal solution to home siding. It looks like the real deal, it’ll stand up to the harshest weather conditions, and, using NewTechWood’s clip system, installation is simple and smart, with each plank separated to allow air flow through the space so your home breathes while staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

8. Compare the texture of the composite you choose. Less expensive composite feels like plastic. It also holds heat, making a hot day on the deck much less enjoyable.

NewTechWood adds recycled wood fibers to its composite to create, not only the look of real wood, but the feel of real wood. Walk barefoot on NewTechWood planking and you’ll think you’re walking on real wood.

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9. Choose low-maintenance composite. The best grades of composite require the least amount of maintenance. Look for composite that infuses mold and mildew inhibitors, that resists scratching or fading, and that cleans up with a hose and a broom.

The choice is simple. You can work on your deck, or you can relax on your deck. Which sounds better?

10. Find a local NewTechWood dealer. Let our experienced team of building professionals help you design the right deck, the right fencing, the right siding for the job.

Become a smart wood composite consumer. All you have to remember is NewTechWood.

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