Best Decking Material For Dogs

You want to spend time outside. Your dog just wants to spend time with you — and if it’s outside, so much the better.

That means you’re going to need a deck that can stand up to the weather, stand up to your pets and become their haven as much as it is yours. It should be easily cleanable to erase the paw prints and other stains; it shouldn’t splinter or unleash protruding anchors that might damage paw pads; and it should be reasonably comfortable for bare feet and paws in the summer sun.

What’s the best decking material for dogs?

Wood Won’t Do

Wood decks splinter. That’s bad new for paws and bad news for your veterinary care budget. Paws are also vulnerable to popped nail and screw heads, both of which are a virtual certainty given the normal expansion and contraction of lumber decking. Plus, one game of fetch or one rabbit meandering into Rover’s line of sight is likely to end up with your deck showing the telltale scratch marks of a dog scrambling for traction.

High-quality composite decking, with its hidden fasteners and next-level durability, is clearly your best bet. Finding the best composite decking for dogs, however, may require some concessions on your part.

Lighten Up

One of the great things about composite decks is the wide variety of colors to choose from. When it comes to your pets, the lighter the color the better. Dark colors absorb heat. Light colors reflect it.

Of course, too light will become a modern art installation of muddy paw prints. Luckily, many light-colored composites are made with wood grain and other subtle patterns that will help minimize the appearance of paw prints.

Toughen Up

Nothing short of the hardest rainforest wood will be truly impervious to claw marks from a large, motivated mutt, but composite materials have grown far tougher in the years since their debut. Capped composites such as NewTechWood UltraShield® are remarkably resistant to scratches, fading and stains.

Clean Up

Yards have mud, and dogs will track that mud onto decks. Dogs also have accidents. You shouldn’t need to break out the pressure washer every time your dog meanders in from the damp grass. Capped composite easily comes clean with a spray from the hose or a mop and bucket of water.

A Few More Tips

Beyond surface material, here are a few more things to consider for a truly pet-friendly deck:

  • A patio cover. The shade will be appreciated in the summer, and the shelter will make coaxing a trip out into inclement weather a little easier.
  • The right railing. Spindles shouldn’t be so far apart that your dog can squeeze through or so ornate that your dog can climb over. Glass panels? Only if you like nose prints.
  • Gates. Some dogs will make a run for it at a moment’s notice. If that describes your pet, a gate is a good idea.

Your Pet’s Best Bet

NewTechWood is an industry leader in composite decking. Our composite deck boards address every dog-owner’s concerns for decking — from stain resistance to temperature control to the elimination of unsightly and potentially dangerous nails and screws. Our composite deck tiles offer the same advantages in an easy-to-assemble format. Both make deck care a breeze. Do yourself and man’s best friend a favor by contacting us today to discuss your deck project.

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