NewTechWood Shines at an Architect Seminar in Mala

At a recent architect seminar in Malaga, Spain, NewTechWood was well-represented by our very able distributor Parquect Directo, one of Spain’s leading companies that specializes in all types of laminate and wood floors and other accessories.

Newtechwood Spain’s team in Architect Seminar introduce our patented Ultrashield composite decks.

NewTechWood was introduced to the rising architects and it received tremendous interest. This is all thanks to our patented UltraShield technology that provides ultra-protection from fades, moisture, mold, and mildew.

In addition, NewTechWood’s exclusive colors and patterns give customers endless possibilities – there’s always something for you.

Our standard colors come in wood or standard grain and they include colors like Spanish Walnut, Roman Antique, Brazilian Ipe, Peruvian Teak, Hawaiian Charcoal, and Westminster Gray. We also manufacture special customized color options.

Our more recent UltraShield Naturale line features advanced treatments on its shield that make it have the most natural feeling of capped wood plastic composite there is.

NewTechWood offers the widest range of profiles in the market to fit the different applications of our customers. We have all-weather system boards, wall hanging system boards, cladding finishers, screen and partition boards, as well as decking profiles.

Newtechwood in a friendly gathering with Spain professional in buildings

Our decking and flooring products come in solid and hollow profiles for both residential and commercial applications and come with the flexibility of choosing between hidden fasteners and common screws. Our series of UltraShield Naturale deck profiles include:

  • Cortes series (Solid boards)

  • Magellan series (Solid boards with grooves)

  • Voyager series (Circle hollow boards with grooves)

  • Columbus series



Spain Architects meet Newtechwood composite decking products

NewTechWood is a True Game Changer in the Composite Decking World

Our UltraShield products combine the proved strength of wood fibers and high-density polyethylene plastics with a resilient outer polymer shell that encapsulates the boards and provides an impermeable layer of protection.


Co-Extruded Cap

UltraShield Naturale has a top-of-the-line shield that encases all the four sides of the inner core. The core and the shield are extruded under high temperatures, meaning that there are no chemicals or adhesives used in the manufacturing process that may be harmful to the environment.

Moreover, the multi-chromatic colors on NewTechWood products are part of the shield’s formulation. This means that you never have to oil, sand, or paint your boards or tiles again.


Composite Core

The core is made from high quality recycled material and dense softwood and hardwood fibers that enhance greater durability and strength.


Get the Most Natural Capped Composite Products from NewTechWood

Our UltraShield Decking comes with a comprehensive warranty of 25 years. We are so confident in our products and their long-lasting performance that we offer to pay for any labor expenses that is related to the replacement of our decking material in the event it underperforms. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about anything.

One of the features that make NewTechWood decks stand out is its easy installation. With the Deck-A-Floor, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on building the deck.

If you need our wonderful products, you can check in at any Parquect Directo store near you in Spain.

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