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Ultrashield Composite Railing

Why Do I Need Composite Deck Railing?

There are a number of reasons why composite deck railing is a great idea for your deck. For one, there may be basic building codes or HOA codes that require them. If you are considering building a deck without a deck railing, this is the first thing you should look into.

More important is the safety issue. While you are usually not required to have a railing around your deck if the tread of the deck is less than 30 inches above the grade of the ground below, even a fall from a low height can result in an injury.

Unfenced decks can be especially dangerous if you have children or anticipate children coming to visit your home and playing around your deck. For your safety and the safety of your family and your guests, it is always best to have deck fencing.

Furthermore, a deck railing, especially NewTechWood composite deck railing in your choice of colors to match your deck, just looks great. It gives your deck a more finished, upscale look you are sure to love.

Naturally, since your deck is made of long-lasting, low-maintenance NewTechWood composite wood, you will want a NewTechWood composite deck railing that will last just as long.

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How Does Composite Decking and Fencing Work?

Our composite deck fencing systems are designed to match perfectly with our composite wood decks. This means your synthetic porch railing, when properly installed, will create one seamless-looking piece — combining your beautiful new deck with an attractive and appealing decking fence.

Like your NewTechWood deck, your capped composite railing will benefit from UltraShield® technology, making it low-maintenance and resistant to stains, scratches, wear and weather hazards, just like your UltraShield® deck.


An added benefit of a deck railing system from NewTechWood is that our composite deck railing installation is easy. With our simple composite deck fencing installation guide and informative videos, you should have your new composite deck fencing up and ready to go in a matter of hours. If you have any questions about our deck railing system or installing composite decking and railing, you can give us a call right now toll-free at 866-728-5273.

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