deck finishers

Deck Finishers

UltraShield® has the following decking accessories available: colored head stainless steel screws,starter clips, hidden fastener systems, end caps for hollow profiles, fascia boards in various dimensions for different applications, to perfectly finish your decking.

Hidden Fasteners

decking clips

The decking clips plays a significant role in any installation of composite decking, and should be understood before starting any installation to avoid mistakes.

The boards on any deck, composite or otherwise, don’t just stay together by themselves. They require a fastening agent. Of course, you want your deck to have a seamless appearance, without anything obvious connecting the board. That’s where our concealed deck fasteners come in.

Fortunately, our boards are designed with grooves that allow for blind deck fasteners, concealed decking accessories that join your boards without anyone from outside being able to see them or have any idea how they are working. These invisible deck fasteners provide strong support, joining your boards together and giving your deck the clean, smooth, look you desire.

Certain boards in certain locations may experience some kind of contraction or expansion with the weather, and you need deck board fasteners that can accommodate that contraction or expansion if they happen, which is why we offer two types of hidden deck fasteners. Which will both be used for all installations.

NewTechWood® has a locking systems which features two clips, one locks and secures the board down (Locking Clip) while the other allows for expansion and contraction (Control Expansion & Contraction – CEC Clip), so that you don’t experience warping or distortion of any kind after installation. The system works because it allows the user to control the direction in which the expansion and contraction will take place.

UltraShield decking has grooved boards with a Hidden Fastener System

Why our clips work better

decking clips

The system allows the installer to place the board with proper gapping and also prevents warping or distortion of any kind in all seasons.

The Locking Clip allows one side of the board to move while the other side of the board is locked down, so that both boards can conduct expand and contract without conflict. The solution is especially designed for decks that are installed in a Brick Style pattern.



If you’re shopping for the best screws for composite decking, look to the company that makes the best composite decking material, NewTechWood. You’ll never have to worry about how to hide deck screws thanks to our pre-existing hidden deck screw system — the screws are specifically designed not to be seen while still providing sturdy support for your deck.

Benefits of NewTechWood Invisible Deck Screws

However, this can leave the problem of the head of the screw. The challenge is to design a screw that can support your decking effectively without leaving a visible head. The problem with many deck screws is that they are not entirely flush with the decking surface, meaning not only are they visible, which can create an unsightly disruption in the overall look of your deck, but they create an obstruction which could potentially snag on shoes or bare feet.

Our hidden deck screws are designed to bury themselves completely into our composite wood decking so that anyone walking on or around the deck will have no idea they are there. You will not have to deal with the aesthetic disruption or potential snagging of protruding screws.

NewTechWood Has the Answers for All of Your Decking Needs

Naturally, our hidden deck screws work best with our capped composite wood decking boards with UltraShield®. Our UltraShield® capping technology offers 360-degree protection for your deck, protecting it from rot, insect infestation, scratching, staining and fading, and giving you a low-maintenance, long-lasting deck with a rich wood appearance you can enjoy in every season. Combined with our hidden deck screws and other accessories for a full deck set up that looks seamless and is completely reliable.

If you have any questions about our hidden deck screws, how they work, how hidden they really are and how they support our decks, or if you want to learn more about our capped composite wood decking system and UltraShield®, we’d love to hear from you. Our team knows decking, and we can talk about it all day long. Call us at 866-728-5273 today.

If your only question is where to buy NewTechWood desk screws and composite decking products, all you have to do is browse our location finder. If you are a distributor of decking products and don’t have NewTechWood deck screws in your inventory or if you would like to become a distributor, let us know, so we can set up an arrangement.

Fascia Boards

Deck fascia boards provide the perfect finishing touch and create a smooth, streamlined look for your composite wood deck. Fascia boards create a band of wood bordering the deck just below the surface line to hide the joists underneath and elevate the overall appearance of the deck.

Naturally, for the most seamless, aesthetically pleasing look, as well as for durability and low-maintenance, you will want your fascia boards to be made of the same composite wood material as the rest of your deck, which is why NewTechWood is happy to offer fascia boards among our line of quality products.

  • US05
  • 11 x 0.6 in
    (285 x 15mm)


End Caps

NewTechWood composite wood decking boards have 360-degree capping to completely seal and protect your boards from environmental hazards, moisture and decay, but this still leaves the end cut areas to consider. Fortunately, we offer a choice of moisture seals and end caps that work perfectly with our products, fitting in seamlessly with the board of the deck and offering your end cut areas ultimate protection.

  • Board: UH02 | End Cap: EC-UH02
  • 5.5 x 0.9 in
    (138 x 22.5mm)


More about End Caps

Moisture can penetrate to the core in the end-cut area and could cause swelling, cupping and cracking at the edge area. All NewTechWood® End Caps are made of TPO Plastic which is durable and has high impact resistance under harsh weather conditions and extreme low temperature of – 40°C.


  • Solid Board: Moisture seal should be applied at the end-cut
  • Hollow Board: End-Cap should be installed at the end-cut
end caps


hidden fastener


  • Solid Board:
    Apply the waterproof agent at the edges using brush
end fasteners
  • Hollow Board:
    Step 1/2: Apply the silicone sealant

Option 1 : At the deges of the board hollow clips system

Option 2 : On the end cap composite decking hidden fasteners

  • Hollow Board:
    Step 2/2: Install the end cap onto the hollow board
composite deck fasteners

Wax Pen

fastener clips

If you somehow sustain tiny scratches, holes or chips to your composite deck, all is not lost. We have just the product to have your deck looking as good as new.

NewTechWood DeScratch Repair Kit for mending small scratches, splits, nail holes, chips, gouges & damaged edges in capped composite or natural timber.

  • Remove any high points using the applicator
  • Rub the wax over the damaged area until level
  • Remove any excess wax using the applicator

Each pack contains: 0.4 x 0.39in Darker tone Wax Stick, 0.039 x 0.39in Lighter tone Wax Stick, 1 x pcs Applicator (*Charcoal color has 2 same tone sticks)

Measurements: W 3.5 x H 6.3 x D 0.6in (W 8 x H 16 x D 2cm)

Quantity: 10 packs/box

Standard colours: Antique, Maple, Teak, Ipe, Walnut, Redwood, Smoke White, Light Gray, Charcoal, Oak, Sand, Spring Green, Merbau,Stone Gray, Sliver Gray, Mirage Gray

Benefit From the Best Hidden Deck Fastener Systems and Decking Fixing Systems Available for Our Products Today

Our goal at NewTechWood is to make sure your composite wood deck looks great and lasts, year after year. Our state-of-the-art hidden deck board fasteners and secret decking fixings are a part of that commitment.

Take the time to look over all of our options for decking fixers and hidden deck board fasteners. When you know what you need, visit a NewTechWood distributor near you. If you are interested in becoming a distributor of NewTechWood deck board fastening systems yourself, contact us online.

If you have any questions or need more information about any of these hidden deck fastener or deck fixing products, such as how to use them or which products are the best fit for your particular composite deck, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 866-728-5273.