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NewTechWood deck boards are not WUI compliant. However, NewTechWood siding can be made WUI compliant by installing it as per the instructions detailed here:
You can get them from our partner Staborn, specifically the Deckfast Metal screws ( They are available to color match. You can use the guide here to figure out which color matches our material:
The moistureshield would go under the subframe itself. The boards have to be attached to the subframe, and would therefore pierce any material between the two.
A subframe under our boards would not need to be bolstered to the ground (such as with a floating deck), if the installation is significantly heavy, and not likely to be moved, or unbalanced.
No, you cannot. The boards have to be attached to a frame for maximum sturdiness, and is required to honor our warranty.
No, we recommend attaching them to the frame of the deck, directly, as this is safer and more secure. You can install the bolts through the deck boards or deck tiles, into the frame, if you would like, but please be sure to pre-drill and ensure the weight of the posts is supported by the […]
While we do not have an end cap type solution for the US33 board, a fascia board can be used to cover the ends of the boards. Cutting an angle on the stair board can also help create a frame around the stairs. An example of this can be seen in the image below:
We recommend a 16 inch on center support for a bridge for light use. Heavy traffic, including commercial installations, or use by vehicles, would require 12 inches on center.
We recommend using two screws, each one 1.5 inches from the two sides of the board.
No, we do not recommend screwing through the UH02 boards, using composite screws or otherwise, as this would create cracks in the future. Therefore, doing so voids the warranty.
If using NewTechWood Starborn deck screws, you would not need to. Pre-drilling is required, if you use another brand, especially if you notice mushrooming.
Yes, to do so, either screw through the face to attach them, use the mini-gap clips, or use The Tiger Claw TC-G clip. The boards would still need to be properly supported.
While you’ll want to confirm with your contractor, as a general rule, you need to use two screws every 16 inches. This comes to 24 screws per board. Since each box of deck screws is a 100 pack, this roughly means you can cover 4 boards of 16 foot each per pack of screws. This […]