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Ultrashield Natural Outdoor Quick Deck Faux Zoysia Grass Deck Tiles by NewTechWood:

   We are proud to introduce our newest line of deck tiles, the result of months of obsessing over grass. That is right! Height, color, and blade width are just some of the features of grass we have carefully studied, leading us to conclude that we should replicate the Zoysia Grass species and in fact, we have succeeded in duplicating Mother Nature. NewTechWoods new grass deck tiles give you the luxury of grass without the maintenance. You will never have to mow or water your grass again and it will stay that a vibrant and luscious green without lifting a finger. These tiles also do not show any seams, as to break the illusion. Use NewTechWood grass deck tiles to transform a drab area to a verdant living space, full of life and color. Finally, these deck tiles are also compatible with NewTechWood QuickDeck Composite Deck tiles, leading to a flexible array of design options .


  • Easy to snap together, kids can even do it
  • Beautify your concrete slab easily with these tiles
  • Can be cut with a table saw
  • Ultra-low maintenance
  • Made from high grade recycled materials: plastic
  • 11 lbs a box
  • 10 pcs per box
interlocking composite deck tiles
  • Front side
diy deck
  • Back side
Composite Deck Tiles
  • Corner side